WAZA Nature Connect Grants

WAZA is excited to announce the launch of its new Nature Connect Grants to develop initiatives that inspire kids and their families to connect with nature and take action to support its conservation.

These grants are made possible through the generous support of the Disney Conservation Fund and also the expertise of the International Zoo Educators Association.


Applying for a WAZA Nature Connect Grant

WAZA would like for its global community of member organisations to create innovative ways to enhance the connection that kids and their families have with the natural world. We want you to come up with projects that will begin to build and encourage a lifelong commitment to nature conservation – these are the sorts of projects we want to fund!

WAZA grants are for initiating new projects rather than funding established programmes – think of them as seed money for you to try new ways of connecting families and communities to Nature (for example: helping non-nature orientated families become more comfortable or excited about Nature). The projects we are looking for could be small pilot programmes and may well involve establishing new partnerships and links with local communities. The key thing to remember is that all initiatives should involve direct experiences of Nature – while they may have an indoor component, we are not interested in projects based in classrooms, lecture halls or online. This initiative is about learning what works and what doesn’t so we will be expecting you to build in evaluation steps and to be making adjustments to your project as you learn. You should also consider how your projects could be extended and built upon once the WAZA grant comes to an end.

Full application details (including application form and selection criteria) will be available shortly. Please fill in the form below to register your interest, add yourself to the mailing list or ask us a question.

Applications for 2017 grant will be open between April- May (dates to be confirmed). Successful candidates will be informed by the end of June and may start their projects with immediate effect. All funded projects are expected to be completed within 18 months. We will expect regular updates and a report on completion of the project.

We will use your reports to publicise your work in WAZA publications and at the annual conference. We want everyone to hear about and be inspired by the great work you, the membership, are doing in connecting people to Nature!


Resources for Applicants

WAZA has put together a number of resources to inspire you:

AZA Nature Play Resources:

Disney has been working with the American Zoo Association since 2014 on their Nature Play Begins at Your Zoo & Aquarium initiative. AZA has produce a number of useful resources to inspire zoo professionals including tool kits and webinars. And for more inspiration, click here for a list of zoo projects they have funded. 


#NatureForAll is an IUCN led coalition of partners, including WAZA, who represent a variety of sectors — health, urban, protected areas, communications, technology, education, arts, tourism, science, youth, and more. The aim of this global movement to inspire a new generation of thinkers and doers across all sectors of society to connect with nature and take action to support its conservation. At its core is a very simple idea: the more people experience, connect with, and share their love of nature, the more support there will be for its conservation.Click here to access a number of #NatureForAll resources

The Children & Nature Network:

The Children & Nature Network is a global movement to connect all children, their families and communities tonature through innovative ideas, evidence-based resources and tools, broad-based collaboration and support of grassroots leadership. Their website is packed with inspiration including relevant literature, tools, infographics, webinars and training events.

Do you have any questions or comments about the WAZA Nature Connect Grant? Are there other inspiring resources we should add?

We would love to hear from you. You can contact us using the form below.